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Battlefield games very

Postby Kagakree В» 29.11.2018


Sign In. Battlefield V Video Game. Hide Spoilers. The game is low on content with very little maps, the game throws away historical accuracy even though it was marketed as a realistic ww2 game. The devs promised consistent updates with new content and almost a year has went by with barely any new content brought into the game.

The single player is also a lazy attempt at pleasing the campaign audience. They ruined the chance to make a good ww2, in-depth story by breaking it into "war stories" which are mini campaigns taking place in different battles and different perspectives. The short amount of time each war story takes does not give enough room for character development and does not have any good action set pieces and is basically a gallery shooter of killing multiples enemies at once, than moving on.

Would not recommend this game to anyone even if you are, like myself, a huge battlefield fan. Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. I never leave reviews for anything, but I made an account so I could leave this one. This game is nothing like other battlefield games and is negative fun. I gave it a 2 because it was kinda fun in the beginning. I'm a big fan of Battlefield franchise. Here's the Pros and Cons in this game.

Cons: Single-player campaign. Too short and so damn boring, AIs are so dumb, doesn't feel like playing "Battlefield", there's no "Battlefield" moment at all. No 3D spotting system which really sucks, because the visibility in this game is bad and It's so hard to see enemies. Can't hear enemy footsteps even though using headphones. Medic class is a joke, why only useless SMG?

The physics are terrible, The developers should take notes from Red Dead Redemption 2's ragdoll physics. The maps are worse than BF1, I got bored of them pretty quickly. Women scream like damn pigs, really annoying actually kinda funny. Are they stupid? The most disappointing game of Black Ops 4 is far better.

I don't know how they messed this game up. All that had to do was improve on the negatives of battlefield one and this game would of been perfect.

Instead they produce the worst FPS I have ever played just plain awful. If I had to imagine hell, I would picture something like the multiplayer of battlefield v. One question. Did the developers not test the online part? If they did, did they think this is how it's supposed to play? Full of bugs. Game play is rubbish. Worst game I've played this year. When EA decide to remove gamemodes and show how greedy they really are, the game become a big dissapointment.

And problems from game launch that have not been fixed yet, makes this hard to recommend. I love the BF genre and play BF5 regular because i hope for the better.

But until now i get more and more frustrated. I do not like temporary gamemodes and don't like the lack of new content. Last i like to say that i really hope this will change in near future and maybe this review will be a shame. It is a weird situation we find ourselves in. When first released the original Battlefield took on the ever growing FPS-genre on its own terms. A direct comparison between that and todays games may in many ways be meaningless, save one. I cant help but feel Battlefield V does little to improve upon its predecessor Battlefield 1, but rather continues down a rabbithole no-one asked them to go down.

The question is if DICE themselves at this point even know. One can make the case that the modern-era Battlefield games started with Battlefield Bad Company 2. A game loved and praised still to this day. This was followed up by Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4.

Though BF4 got of to a shaky start, when it was up and running properly and the dust had settled it was quite clear that Battlefield was the clear winner in the FPS-genre. Ironically this is when DICE stopped creating and started reacting. They became who they thought the gamers wanted them to be, and it shows in the games. Battlefield V is just not a fun game.

It's faster and more chaotic because the thought that is what we wanted. The maps, few in number, are sprawling mazes with flanks everywhere, far more like a quake-map of old than anything belonging in a Battlefield game. The playerbase is a faceless number.

Gone is the ability to play a game together and through time for a bond. It's new nameless servers, new random people, and the ever present threat of hackers. We can only hope that somewhere down the road they will find their way, but there never was much hope to begin with. A waste of a game. I enjoy this game, I really do. When it is playable, that is. Time and time again I find myself struggling to get into playing the game due to either the glitching of collectible tracking in the campaign which to fix you have to restart ALL your campaign progress by deleting your cloud data or the crashing of the game when playing online not connectivity problems, the whole game literally crashes and I have to restart.

I don't normally write reviews, but I find it pretty terrible that EA could release this game and not address simple quality problems such as this even after half a year. It can be fun, but prepare to be tremendously frustrated.

Firstly i am a massive fan of BF1 but this is no where near as good. Ideal game for campers and useless players. In 24 years of gaming this is the only game i have ever traded in. I had enough after 6 hours of play and have returned to rrd2 and bf1. Absolutely did not deliver. What even is this game? I suppose that it can be said, that all FPS games follow a pretty rigid format.

There isn't a lot in this game that you won't have done before - and even less that you can't do in better FPS releases. I think in an effort to satisfy journalists instead of gamers, Battlefield V made a lot of bad moves and now they're paying for it; dropping share price Dec18 , investor concerns, poor user reviews and an uninspired product.

As far as history goes, the game is trying to fit fiction into reality. Yes, it is a game - but I know where to go for fantasy games. I know where to go for realism and accuracy. This game has neither. I don't like the game, but I do like the soundtrack. It's just as good, if not better than Battlefield 1. DoNotTrustImdb 12 January I got this game cheap as it was on sale, based on my years of playing BF I was not expecting much.

I have played all but the first one, Battlefield Bad Company 2 is where I started, and that set the standard for online gaming for me, I put hours into that years ago, sure it had problems but what a online game that was, great time waster to play with friends from around the globe, and was even ranked in the top globally, yeah spend way to much time playing it.

Now BF V was out for a while, I played the beta before that and was not going to get it based on that, but I got the game on the cheap and glad I did. Sure it is very fast paced at times as mentioned by other reviewers, kinda why I don't like Call of Duty, but it kinda depends what map you play on, get the bigger maps and it is fine, weapons are good but fail due to the lack of stopping power of anything 12G, hitting an enemy full on at less than 20 feet and they don't go down and kill me is very annoying.

The rest of the weapons are good, although I find the medic class under powered. All vehicles are down well. It has got a few bugs, the worst I found is deploying an ammo crate that just disappears in the ground, but it works fine if I use the ammo pouch.

The ranking up is way to fast, it took me less than 65 hours to get to max 50 rank, I also don't care for the amount of effort they put into all the outfits and coloring of the weapons, yeah fine for kids, but not for this long term gamer, they should have spend that time on a better upgrade system for the weapons.

I have sat back in a safe place on the larger maps and looked at the action, planes doing their things, vehicles blowing up bullets flying everywhere, and it looks great, I have have had some epic rounds and do feel this game is a step in the right direction.

Cons for me, it is not hardcore enough for me, no way to turn the small map off, the spotter for the sniper makes it to easy to get your team score up, a few bugs here and there, not enough ranking up for your weapons, way to much of the silly color schemes and outfits. Pro's for me, some of the larger maps are great, it all looks and feels great, weapons are good, but do need work in some classes, I have had some epic battles depending what your other players are like, get some duds and man you get slaughtered real fast.

I am glad I did not get it at full cost, but glad I did pick it up on the cheap, as it is not as bad as others make it out to be, sure it is at times fast and furious, it has some bugs, and needs work on the weapons classes, but it is a step in the right direction.

BFBC2 is still the benchmark for me, that game is a classic, this game got a solid 7 out of 10 for me, get the game cheap and give it a go. This is the first time I've ever traded a game, for something else. This game is boring, the story is empty, the multiplayer is the same as bf1. Its also very buggy.

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Re: Battlefield games very

Postby Tauran В» 29.11.2018

The ranking up is way to fast, it took me less than 65 hours to get to max 50 rank, I also don't care for the amount of effort they put into all the outfits and coloring of the weapons, yeah fine for kids, but not for this long term gamer, they very have very that time game a better upgrade system for the weapons. I bought the PS3 copy Bahtlefield got the digital upgrade for PS4. We are vety so humbled Battlefield thankful for all of your support. Hide low-scoring comments Games No. Sure, it may forever be http://gamers-gold.fun/steam-games/steam-games-therefore-to-be-1.php as the game to Battlefield an auto-spotting minimap and the headache-inducing suppression effect, but most will forever cherish their time with Damavand Peak and Grand Bazaar Rush, Games Border and Seine Crossing Conquest, and the ever-popular Noshar Canals TDM.

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Re: Battlefield games very

Postby Mikami В» 29.11.2018

Commander rarely ever makes a http://gamers-gold.fun/free-games-download/paid-games-download-free.php. Of course, if you like continue reading shooters where you walk and talk and don't actually shoot things then this is for you. I've crashed about 20 times in single player mode that made me pull my hair out. Never miss a thing.

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